NERO by NIRON is a pipe produced using PPR material with an outer layer of POLYPROPYLENE duly UV stabilized thanks to a specially developed dedicated masterbatch.

This outer layer allows the pipe to be used for installations where UV protection is not guaranteed or adequate.






NERO by NIRON is produced in polypropylene and is also available in multilayer structure with the addition of fiberglass in the intermediate layer. As the stress-bearing layer is made with PP-R, it has the high, well known and standardized performances of this class of polypropylene (Type 3). The mechanical and physical properties fully comply with EN ISO 15874 Standard. The pipe is compliant to the main Standards for the conveyance of potable water. It can be produced in different SDRs (from SDR 11 to SDR 7,4). The selection of the proper SDR and design is related to the required operating conditions. The pipe has been designed with the highest safety standards. The UV barrier layer is in fact in addition to the SDR stress-bearing layer of the pipe. The Nominal Diameter is maintained to facilitate the welding operations.


NERO by NIRON piping range goes from Ø20 mm to Ø110 mm. Bigger sizes can be

provided upon request.



NERO by NIRON fittings are of the electrofusion type and are produced by adding a UV stabilizer masterbatch to the polypropylene base. This allows the full continuity of the UV protection in the installed pipeline. All the parts not chemically protected must be physically protected.



NERO by NIRON pipes can be used for installations where UV protection is not guaranteed or adequate. The performance of the UV protective layer has been evaluated using two main testing protocols:

• Renault Protocol RSA D27 1911D for the UV resistance of the external plastic part for the automotive

• Method for accelerated photo-ageing based on EN16472 by means of a high energy HE mode device

The test model based on the abovementioned protocols confirms that the black UV layer maintains its protective action for 30 years in standard weather conditions typical of Southern Europe (Italy).



PP pipes are resistant to all degrees of water hardness as well as to many chemicals.


PP is a very poor electrical conductor, thereby avoiding the risk of perforation of the pipe or fittings caused by stray currents.


NERO by NIRON pipes have reduced pressure losses thanks to their smooth surface.


The use of a full polypropylene material allows the pipes to be easily welded by electrofusion welding.


NERO by NIRON pipes can be used for outdoor installations where UV protection is not guaranteed or adequate.