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MultiGECO is a system of multilayer pipes and full bore fittings.


MultiGECO pipe

MultiGECO is a multilayer pipe composed of:


  • High density polyethylene outer layer
  • Adhesive material layer
  • Aluminium alloy in the intermediate layer
  • Adhesive material layer
  • Cross-linked polyethylene PEX-C in the inner layer


All materials are perfectly joined to each other thanks to an innovative technological process made possible by advanced equipment.

multigeco The combination of the three materials allows to obtain a pipe with high mechanical strength and great reliability even at high temperature and pressures.

Thanks to the presence of aluminum, MultiGECO is extremely malleable and therefore quick to install.

The pipe, produced with the outer layer in white color, allows to build sanitary systems (hot and cold water), high temperature heating and floor heating installations. If you wish to build installations for the transport of gas, the tube is made in yellow colour.

MultiGECO fittings
MultiGECO fittings, unique for all types of installations (water and gas) are of full bore type.

The fitting is individually packaged and is composed of:

  • A brass body
  • A clamping sleeve (stainless steel and PPSU) for each fitting spigot

The double seal, both hydraulic and mechanical, is ensured by the positioning of the pipe inside the grooves (that characterize the profile of the fitting) through the compression of its inner layer (PEX-C) during the sliding of the sleeve along the pipe.

The advantages of the MultiGECO system, compared to other multilayer systems currently on the market are:

  • Reduced pressure loss (the passage is almost full thanks to the expansion of the pipe close to the fitting)
  • Absence of seals (the lack of O-rings minimizes the possibility of errors during the installation)
  • Infallibility of the junction (the installer cannot install the fitting without having previously expanded the pipe)
  • Only one fitting for water and gas applications (the absence of gaskets allows to reduce storage costs)

The main characteristics of MultiGECO system are:

  • Water resistance to oxygen
  • Excellent behavior to fire
  • Low linear expansion
  • Lightweight
  • Low noise
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to fouling
  • Non-toxicity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Chemical resistance

MultiGECO is ideal for the following installations:

  • Plumbing installations for the transport of hot and cold drinking water
  • Central and individual heating systems
  • Fan coil heating and air conditioning systems
  • Floor heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Installations for the transport of alimentary and industrial fluids
  • Installations for the transport of compressed air
  • Installations for the transport of gas

MultiGECO  system is certified for applications with transport of water in accordance with UNI EN ISO 21003 standard and is suitable for the conveyance of drinking water in accordance to Circular No. 174 of 4 April 2004 of the Italian Ministry of Health.

MultiGECO is certified for gas installations for domestic use, as described in UNI TS 11 343 standard and in accordance with UNI TS 11344 Standard.

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