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ELOTHERM is a complete system consisting of polybutylene pipes and a wide range of PPSU push fittings designed and made for the transport of cold and hot water even at high temperatures.


ELOTHERM push fittings allow for quick installation, safe and reliable in time, and their structure allows to absorb the linear expansion of the pipe.

The O-ring guarantees reliability over time as it is not compressed or deformed by the pressure of a tightening screw, but held in place by the pressure of the liquid circulating in the system.

The ELOTHERM system is suitable for the transport of drinking water and alimentary fluids in accordance with Circular No. 174 of 6th April 2004 of the Italian Ministry of Health.

The ELOTHERM system is made of polybutylene pipes ansd PPSU fittings.

Polybuthylene is a polymer used for pipes highly resistant to high temperatures and with no molecular memory conforming to BS 7291 standard.

  • Operating temperature: 80° C (max. 100° C)
  • Operating pressure at 80°: 10 bar - Class 5 (UNI EN ISO 15876)

PPSU fittings
PPSU is a polymer with outstanding temperature resistance (-40 ° C to +160 ° C), is highly resistant to impact and high pressures and is suitable for food use.

  • Operating temperature above 80 ° C
  • Very high resistance to fire
  • Resistance to thermal aging
  • Unaffected by UV rays
  • High wear resistance

The ELOTHERM system is suitable for:

  • Heating installations 
  • Floor heating installations
  • Installations for the transportation of alimentary fluids
  • Plumbing installations
  • Installations for the transport of industrial fluids

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