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ECOWAVE is the sanitary range for flushing systems and includes external and built-in cisterns.






The complete range offered by NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. provides two installation options:

  • External installation: including a cistern made of PS with double push-button and two discharge volumes (3/6 - 6/9 liters), complete with anti-condensation protection, rinsing curve and stop valve
  • Built-in installation: including two types of cisterns (one with anti-condensation protection and one without) both complete with all the material needed for the installation. This type of cistern can be easily inspected and can be completely disassembled for maintenance

ecowaveThanks to the internal battery you can also select the discharge volume - 3/6 liters or 6/9 liters - depending on your needs and considering saving water.

The valve is actuated by a plaque with double push-button and has a unique design in white colour, chrome and chrome/satin complete with sleeves, rosettes and terminals in the same colour. A very elegant painted version is also available.

All cisterns are also available in a version with pneumatic control, the buttons are also available in different shades of colors. A range of cisterns with metal frames and mounting systems for hanging sanitary ware – also mounted on plasterboard walls – is also available for the built-in range.   


ECOWAVE cisterns are tested individually to guarantee more safety and ensure complete replacement of each component thanks to their versatility and convenience.             

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