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In 1995, following the completion of an extensive Research and Development program, it introduced a new range of revolutionary piping systems specifically designed for petroleum, chemical, and petrochemical applications. Since then, two specialty piping systems have been marketed worldwide: NUPI has been a recognized global leader for the last 30 years in the development and production of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) thermoplastic piping systems for plumbing and natural gas applications.

SMARTFLEX for the Downstream and OILTECH for the Upstream


OILTECH Y100 - Applications featuring LOW PERMEATION to hydrocarbons - The Y100 Series is the elective choice whenever you need to convey aggressive fluids with corrosive elements. The pressure rating of 20 bar (300psi) allows OILTECH Y100 to best suit operating conditions in a wide variety of Oil & Gas extraction applications.

OILTECH Y100 piping system benefits and characteristics:

  • Multi-layer structure: Internal thermoplastic liner
  • Not permeable to hydrocarbons: Environmentally friendly
  • Not affected by H2S: Safety and efficiency
  • Flexibility: Available in long run coils & straight lengths
  • Extremely smooth internal: Smoothness provides reduced head loss
  • Light weight: Easy and inexpensive handling
  • Scale and build up (paraffin) resistance: It maximizes production & lowers downtime cost
  • Corrosion resistant to CO2 and carbonic acid: Longer life
  • Abrasion resistant: High efficiency, longevity
  • Impact resistant: Above ground installation friendly even at low temperatures
  • UV resistant: Reliability over time
  • Wide range of chemical resistance: Versatility
  • Creep resistant: Structural reliability
  • Stress cracking resistant: Structural strength
  • Electro fusion capable: Easy and reliable method of installation
  • Traceability: All welds can be recorded and data stored via barcode technology, GPS positioning capability

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