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NUPI INDUSTRIE ITALIANE offers its EloSolar turnkey photovoltaic system for the transformation of solar energy into electricity.





The integrated EloSolar system is made up of:

  • high quality crystalline silicon modules
  • photovoltaic inverters
  • protection and interface devices
  • energy meters
  • electric boards for the connection to the client’s network

EloSolar installations have high efficiency photovoltaic panels for the conversion of solar energy. All components are of certified origin and quality and are designed and carried out in compliance with the international standards and regulations.

The EloSolar offer includes the feasibility study, based on the initial data provided by the customer and include the detailed design carried out by the supplier’s technicians or together with the customer’s technicians. The detailed design includes site inspec¬tion and data revision and/or integration.

NUPI INDUSTRIE ITALIANE through its EloSolar system provides not only the project and the system in all its components, but also the necessary support for:

- the authorization request for the connection to the electrical network

- the implementation of practices to obtain the contribution from the energy services managing body

It also offers advice about how to obtain financing by a financing company.

EloSolar supplies solutions to design and installation requests compatible with the environment and consistent with the customer's requests.


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