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The complete range of ELOPRESS fittings completes the POLIETILENETUBI piping range and the ELOFIT fitting range for the conveyance and distribution of drinking water and alimentary fluids.


ELOPRESS fittings are mechanical fittings to be used with high, medium and low density polyethylene pipes with a maximum pressure of 16 Bar.


The ELOPRESS fitting is designed and manufactured according to UNI 9561 standard and meets the guidelines for non-toxic materials as per the Italian Ministerial Decree # 174 of April 6, 2004.


The ELOPRESS range allows the construction of networks ranging from ø 16mm to ø 110mm and are ideal for:

  • Distribution of drinking water
  • Conveyance of alimentary fluids
  • Fire protection systems
  • Under pressure systems
  • Irrigation systems


The ELOPRESS range is completed by a series of branch saddles from ø 25mm to ø 160mm, both standard and with a reinforcing stainless steel ring. They consist of two polyethylene parts joined by 2, 4 or 6 bolts (depending on diameters) which allow the connection of polyethylene pipes to threaded fittings.

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