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ELAMID is a complete piping system produced by NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. through the adoption of an advanced polymer material able to sati­sfy very high performance requirements in gas supply applications.

Polyamide 12 - PA12 - is approved and standardized in compliance with ISO 16486 and ASTMF 2785 standards for the conveyance of natural gas.


The ELAMID thermoplastic piping system can finally cover the MOP range up to 20 bar thanks to an MRS value of 18 MPa.


ELAMID is available from 32 mm up to 160 mm in coils and straight lengths (sticks).


The ELAMID piping system offers the high reliable solu­tion of the electrofusion connection method by the use of the most advanced welding equipment and technologies.



  • MOP up to 20 bar for GAS supply
  • Electrofusion connection method
  • Chemical resistance
  • Weathering resistance
  • High slow crack growth resistance
  • High point load resistance
  • High Rapid Crack propagation resi­stance
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Low moisture absorption

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