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Product News

New product range NERO by NIRON

NERO by NIRON is a product range with an outer layer of POLYPROPYLENE duly UV stabilized thanks to a specially developed dedicated masterbatch. This outer layer allows the pipe to be used for installations where UV protection is not guaranteed or adequate. NERO by NIRON is produced in polypropylene and is also available in multilayer structure with the addition of fiberglass in the intermediate layer. As the stress-bearing layer is made with PPR, it has the high, well known and standardized performances of this class of polypropylene (Type 3). The mechanical and physical properties fully comply with EN ISO 15874 Standard. NERO by NIRON pipes are compliant to the main Standards for the conveyance of potable water. It can be produced in different SDRs. The selection of the proper SDR and design is related to the required operating conditions. The pipe has been designed with the highest safety standards. The UV barrier layer is in fact in addition to the SDR stress-bearing layer of the pipe. The Nominal Diameter is maintained to facilitate the welding operations. NERO by NIRON piping range goes from Ø20 mm to Ø160 mm. Bigger sizes can be provided upon request. NERO by NIRON fittings are of the electrofusion type and are produced by adding a UV stabilizer masterbatch to the polypropylene base. This allows the full continuity of the UV protection in the installed pipeline. All the parts not chemically protected must be physically protected. The performance of the UV protective layer has been evaluated by means of a test that confimed that the black UV layer maintains its protective action for 30 years in standard weather conditions typical of Southern Europe (Italy).

Find all the videos available on our YouTube page

NUPI Industrie Italiane YouTube page has plenty of instruction videos and more! The latest releases are videos on how to weld NIRON PP-RCT pipes and fittings by electrofusion and butt fusion welding and new videos showing the successful burst tests of our ELOFIT HDPE variable length repair sleeve and butt fusion repair sleeve. You can also find videos about our installations such as NIRON PP-RCT system recently installed in Milan financial district in Italy. Also on show, the videos of NUPI great adventure in Alaska where we sponsored Anna & Kristy Berington, the twins who run the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2017. Have some fun with the videos of our NUPIGATOR, the alligator living just outside NUPI Americas plant in Early Branch, SC. Visit NUPI Industrie Italiane YouTube page to watch all the videos uploaded for our customers and fans!

NUPI enters the BIM world

In the world of installations, integrated design through three-dimensional software is now indispensable for the designer, the work manager and the installer. A methodology that allows to manage, organize and monitor all phases of the project, ensuring the ability to control both constructive technology and interdisciplinary co-ordination and the flow of information is now indispensable. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, a computable representation of the functional features of a building that arises from the need to fully manage the building process, from the construction drawing to the lifelong lifecycle management. This objective is achieved by using architectural, structural and installation modeling platforms that can describe and structure buildings with representations that go beyond the three standard dimensions but also cover the dimensions of the construction work time and cost and the size of maintenance processes to best manage the building itself. At the head of an efficient BIM design there must be a completely BIM compliant product. This is the goal of Nupi Industrie Italiane. The company invested in providing the user with the BIM libraries of its products. Each model contains all the graphic and informational details needed to recognize the components and the manufacturer, with the appropriate tools that automate each operation in a MEP project, maximizing its usability at all stages of the building process. The benefits of a project based on BIM products are far beyond the simple realistic representation of the three-dimensional item, starting from the dynamic and controlled extraction of the updated data, to the implementation of all possible logical, analytical and structural connections with a view to a system of Cloud sharing. A BIM approach, obviously set on totally BIM compliant systems, gives the opportunity to further explore the subject and develop a multitude of post-projects, quick solutions and incomparable costs. A BIM-made model allows to check plant installation solutions in terms of integrated design from both a calculating and a computing point of view, by automatically decoding info-graphic, computing and project results. A design approach of this type would drop the costs associated with the management and maintenance of each project, allowing monitoring of each plant until its disposal. Each intervention could be studied up to a very high level of detail with a complete view of any possible clash detection of other units present throughout the plant, making it possible to design any maintenance intervention without the need for continuous on-site visits or last minute changes during the installation, with full compliance with the preventive chrono program and full remote supervision.

NIRON PP-RCT success story drives market acceptance in North America

One of NUPI Americas most succesful NIRON PP-RCT case studies was mentioned in Borealis Media Release. The Media Release served to prove the numerous advantages of PP-RCT in several ground-breaking projects in North America: "In a project in Illinois, Borealis worked with NUPI AMERICAS to install PP-RCT in the existing elderly care facility Wesley Willows Senior Living Center in Rockford. NIRON PP-RCT was used for hydronic installation to re-pipe an ageing system, and for a replacement cooling tower and other equipment". NUPI AMERICAS is very proud to see its work mentioned by Borealis, the worldwide renowned leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of plastic raw materials.

New NIRON PP-RCT pre-assembled manifolds

New NIRON PP-RCT pre-assembled manifolds Ø315mm x Ø215mm for central air conditioning systems. NUPI once again confirms that it can meet the most varied requests of its customers in also at an industrial level. PP-RCT NIRON is a complete polypropylene pipe and fitting system manufactured using random copolymer polypropylene PP-RCT, a plastic material with a special molecular structure ensuring high mechanical resistance and duration, even at high temperatures and pressures. Watch the photo gallery.

New NIRON polypropylene coupler code NME500

New NIRON polypropylene coupler Ø500mm, the largest ever produced so far by NUPI Industrie Italiane! Plastic materials are being used in more and more installations requiring high performance, durability and reliability. The increase of the NIRON range is part of this expansion of the uses of polypropylene, a plastic material that is becoming increasingly popular. NIRON is a complete polypropylene pipe and fitting system for the distribution of hot and cold water in plumbing and air conditioning systems.

First NIRON PP-RCT fittings produced at NUPI plant in Early Branch

A new machine for the production of NIRON PP-RCT segmented fittings from 250mm to 630mm has been installed in NUPI plant in Early Branch, SC. NUPI is going to produce more and more pipes and fittings in the US to give our customers a higher level of service. PP-RCT NIRON is a complete polypropylene pipe and fitting system manufactured using random copolymer polypropylene PP-RCT, a plastic material with a special molecular structure ensuring high mechanical resistance and duration, even at high temperatures and pressures. Watch the photo gallery.

SVGW approval for PE pipes by NUPI

We are very proud to announce that NADIR PLUS polyethylene pipes by NUPI for the transport of water and gas obtained SVGW approval by the Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association that has always been committed to ensuring a safe distribution of water and gas. POLIETILENETUBI is the high density range of polyethylene pipes for the distribution of fluids under pressure and fuel gas, which mainly includes PE 100 NADIR and NUPIGAS.

NUPI WELDING APP now available also for Android

NUPI WELDING APP, the innovative tool that allows installers to eliminate paper and manual management of the information related to the installation of pipes and fittings, is now available also for Android! NUPI WELDING APP is designed for the most demanding installers and solves all the problems of welding traceability. Watch the video showing its benefits and functioning and connect to Play Store to find out more! NUPI WELDING APP allows a total management of all information regarding construction site, welds, traceability of the products installed, installation mapping by GPS tracking and all subsequent testing activities. The new SMARTWELD welding machine associated to NUPI WELDING APP allows to carry out welds without errors and manage them by using the latest technologies such as communication via WIFI and Internet for welding control and data management.

New design for ELOFIT HDPE electrofusion fittings

In addition to the all-new design, the main features of the new fittings are the calibrated thickness, the new geometry and the regularity of the forms that make the welding procedure more effective while reducing installation time. The new geometry has given excellent results even during the pressure tests carried out to test the resistance of new fittings. ELOFIT is a High Density Polyethylene system of electrofusion and spigot fittings and special components for the conveyance of water and gas under pressure.