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ecosostenibilitaENERGY SAVING, ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND USE OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY are the common denominators of a sustainable development of the market and are therefore a worthy investment for research and technical innovation. The product range ELOSFERA is specifically designed to address these issues with an ambitious goal:










Geothermal Energy, Solar Systems and Radiant Heating Systems are the eco-sustainable package of the product range Elosfera, aimed at improving the energy performance of buildings (energy class) to ensure greater economic and environmental benefits.


The company environmental policy also included the implementation of major interventions in its production site to promote efficiency and energy saving.


The Elosolar pilot installation by NUPI INDUSTRIE ITALIANE S.p.A. (Elosolar Installation 1), built on the roof of the company headquarters in Busto Arsizio in April 2008 and made entirely of polycrystalline silicon modules - with a total capacity of 53 kW - is just the first of a successful series of energetically intelligent interventions. The energy produced every year by the installation (about 65,000 kWh) and the total savings of CO2 emissions (about 35,000 kg) are a fair contribution to support the environment. Here below are the details of the other solar installations in Nupigeco plants:

Elosolar Installation 2: Busto Arsizio (VA) - 336.15 kW

Elosolar Installation 3: Castel Guelfo (BO) - 194.145 kW

Elosolar Installation 4: Castel Guelfo (BO) - 9.45 kW (ECOCASA - Project Elosfera) - in combination with geothermal heat pump and floor heating and cooling system.


Various photovoltaic systems were also installed throughout Italy thanks to the diffusion of turnkey systems.